Deep Eddy - Cranberry Vodka (50ml)

Price: $1.25

Producer Deep Eddy
Country United States
Region Texas
Style Vodka
Sku 33760
Size 50ml

Residents of the 'Lone Star' State claim that things are bigger in Texas, but apparently that does not always include prices, and Deep Eddy Vodka provides recent evidence. Located in Dripping Springs, near Austin, the four year old distillery has tripled its case production from 100,000 to 300,000 in just the past 12 months. With Cranberry, the newest addition to the four vodka lineup noted in the product feature below, Deep Eddy is well on the way to joining the growing legion of 'flavor infused' vodka producers currently crowding the retail shelves. And, Deep Eddy has new flavors ready for introduction in early 2015. North Austin has become a 'hotbed' of alcohol production with three existing distilleries and permit approval for another. Two breweries also operate in the area. The distiller is finishing a 30,000-square-foot facility that will allow Deep Eddy production to ultimately reach 2 million cases, and will include a tasting room in which visitors will be asked assist the company marketing specialists determine the 'next great flavor'.

Deep Eddy Description



Wine Spectator

For its fourth vodka, Texas-based Deep Eddy Vodka steps out of the south and adds New England cranberries and cane sugar to the mix. As with its prior flavored vodkas, this spirit keeps the color of the fruit in the infusion instead of filtering it out. The result is a colorfully deep crimson. On the palate, you've got a Cape Cod in a glass. The nose offers that slightly Sucrets-like character that only cranberries can offer, a vaguely medicinal but also fruity character that somehow manages to comes across as authentic (at least for a cranberry). The palate is considerably sweeter - there's clearly plenty of sugar in here - which any cranberry juice drinker knows is a basic requirement for drinking any quantity of the stuff. That sweet body leads to a fruity - and quite tart - finish, just about right for this vodka's intended purpose as a versatile mixer.

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