Return Policy

If you should have problems with damaged or spoiled wine, Sterling Cellars of Mahopac must be notified within 30 days of receipt of the package. Please retain all damaged or spoiled wines or spirits, and notify Sterling Cellars by calling 845-628-1933 to discuss both the issue and return processes. Empty bottles cannot be credited.

If you wish to return a purchase for any other reason but damage or spoilage, you will assume a 15% restocking fee and will be responsible for return shipping charges.

Sterling Cellars generally accepts returns on products that were ‘spoiled’ upon opening. If a wine of a recent vintage has oxidized as a result of exposure to air, or appears to off in relation to color or taste, Sterling Cellars can accept that bottle in return (and in turn return it to the distributor), and offer a replacement bottle or store credit. The policy would also apply to spirits. The Sterling staff must confirm that the bottle is flawed. Thus, it is critical that the bottle be return as quickly as possible.

However, patrons should be aware that there is a distinction between a wine or spirit that is new to them, but offers a flavor package that was not anticipated. Patrons have retuned bottles that are perfect, except in that anticipated flavor. The Sterling Cellars staff can assist you in determining the flavors and aromas of a new wine or spirit prior to your purchase to reduce the likelihood of a surprise. Sterling Cellars can only accept return on ‘flawed’ bottles.

Sterling Cellars does carry many wines from older vintages. Buyers should be aware that there is an inherent risk in the purchase of any older wine, and while Sterling Cellars will provide all information as to provenance, and can attest to the proper storage of wines once they have arrived at Sterling Cellars, those who purchase older bottles should do so with a clear understanding of ‘caveat emptor’.


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